Barbury Shooting School – Community (2023)

Barbury Shooting School – Community (1)

If you are interested in skeet shooting and are based near Swindon, Wiltshire, Barbury Shooting School is a jewel in the picturesque Marlborough Downs, just fifteen minutes from junction 15 of the M4.

Barbury Shooting School currently offers skeet shooting, airgun shooting, simulated game days, coaching, CPSA sport shooting and archery.

Barbury Shooting School – Community (2)

1.0 skeet shooting

1.2 – Coaching/Instruction

2.0 - Membership

2.1 – Shooting school events

2.2 - Corporate/Conference Facilities

3.0 - The Weapons Room

3.1 – Storage bees

3.2 - Gun Room Services

4,0 – Café

4.1 - Hours of Operation

5.0 The sports agency

6.0 Simulated match days

6.1 - Contact Information

7.0 - Airgun range

7.1 - Prices

7.2 - Membership

8.0 - Archery

8.1 - Prices

9.0 - Group events with multiple activities

9.1 - Prices

10.0 – Gift card and online store

10.1 - Prices

10.2 – Member Gift Card Information

11.0 - Facts about Barbury Shooting School

11.1 – The park

11.2 – Barbury Shooting School opening hours

11.3 - Contact information for general inquiries

11.4 – Adresse der Barbury Shooting School

11.5 – SAT NAV Information/Help

12.0 - Customer Reviews

Barbury Shooting School – Community (3)

skeet shooting

The Barbury Shooting School, or CPSA Shooting Ground of the Year 2023, features four privately owned game areas with grouse, grouse, pheasant/partridge and gray partridge on their skeet layout. All of these areas are included in the “Pay and Play” training sessions available to experienced shooters seven days a week.

For those who wish to shoot alone on the ground, the tripods feature a fully functional "Claymate" system that utilizes an easy-to-use delay function. However, if you prefer to have someone with you, Barbury can also offer you a Caddy for as little as £12.

clay prices

For members of Barbury Shooting School - 33p per person Ton

For guests - 41p per ton

And for all Gold Card members: 30 pence per person Laugh

(buy 1,000 clays each)

*NOTE - FIBER WASH ONLY, except for certain competitions

Expert teaching

For those new to the sport, Barbury Shooting Ground is one of the many places to start this journey successfully. Every new shooter receives a comprehensive and thorough briefing on all aspects of gun safety and shooting etiquette, as well as coaching tailored to your individual learning pace.

1 Person2 parts3 parts
1 hour lesson for adults85 £105 £110 £
Adult course with 6 lessons425 £525 £550 £
1-hour lesson for juniors/students55 £70 £75 £
Junior/student course with 6 lessons275 £350 £375 £
Mixed class for adults/juniors, 1 hour90 £105 £
Mixed course for adults/teenagers with 6 lessons450 £525 £

Please also note that the use of play dough and cartridges is not included in the lesson prices - but you can also provide your own cartridges for your lesson.

Membership in the Barbury Shooting School

The shooting school offers a membership program for their regular customers, where all members receive discounted rates on training sessions, events and offers that Barbury offers throughout the year.

membership feesSimplyFamily (2 people)
Annual fee (including reduced tuition fees)115 £125 £
Annual fee (no tuition)90 £100 £


Gun rental on site:

  • Free for members
  • 7 DKK for all non-members

Annual membership fee

Your Barbury Shooting School membership is valid for 12 months from the month of purchase and only includes gun storage for up to 3 shotguns.

Annual membership less tuition – £35

Barbury Shooting School – Community (4)

Young sound shoots

Beginner/intermediate courses are also available for our younger generation of shooters. This includes the basics of safe gun handling and professional coaching in all aspects of skeet shooting. However, the intermediate sessions involve a series of goals and a team flush.

Beginner courses – £57 per person

Advanced Sessions - £67 per person

sample program

11:00 – Introduction and handover of shooting goggles, hearing protection, hats and shooting vests.

11:15 - Divide into groups based on age and experience. Demonstration of all the rules for safe handling of shotguns.

11:30 am – Coaching and training on individual transitions, running and away goals.

12:30 - Packed lunch (bring your own lunch please) and refreshments.

1:00 PM - Air Rifle Shooting - Target practice and fun shooting.

13:30 - More skeet shooting.

14:00 – Tea & cake, handover of certificates.

14:15 – Departure.

Shooting school events

The Barbury Shooting School hosts private parties, informal gatherings, corporate events and charity events. However, they also host events such as Semi-Auto Masters, The Pro One Challenge, British Open and 100 Registered Sporting. All of these events run alongside their own local events such as the Barbury Beer Festival, Barbury Game Fair and more.


In addition, the Barbury Shooting School also hosts shooting parties for you and your friends. These can take place on any day of the week, including Sunday mornings!

Check out your options below:

  • A whole day of shooting
  • Half a day of shooting
  • A few hours of shooting

All with a choice of a formal dinner or an al fresco BBQ to end your day on the clay court. Whatever the choice or occasion, Barbury Shooting School strives to provide the perfect shindig.

All party packages consist of clay targets, bullets, use of guns and your morning/afternoon tea or coffee.

More information about packages and their prices:

Fester – Barbury Shooting (

business facilities

Barbury Shooting School will endeavor to tailor a day to suit your company's needs. Whether your guests have the experience or not, Barbury makes sure everyone's day is enjoyable. If you prefer to offer your guests a multi-activity event, Barbury also offers a range of other activities.

More information about packages and prices:

Firmentage – Barbury Shooting (

Company/meeting room

The Barbury Shooting School meeting room is the perfect location for all your meeting needs. The added benefit of beautiful scenery surrounding the premises helps create a comfortable yet relaxing environment for your meetings. The cafe next door offers you tea, coffee and other refreshments you might like.

The conference facility can currently be rented on a half-day or full-day basis.

For more information and booking please contact:

enquiries@barburyshoot.comor alternatively call01793 940420.

Barbury Shooting School – Community (5)
Barbury Shooting School – Community (6)
Barbury Shooting School – Community (7)

The Armory

The Armory is run by the ever-popular Craig Hartley along with Tom Hall and the weekend staff who are always happy to help with any of your needs. With an extensive selection of shotguns, rifles and airguns from brands such as Caesar Guerini, Tikka and BSA, there is definitely something for all types of shooting. In addition to the weapons, there is also ammunition, a small selection of clothing, shooting accessories and everyday necessities in the weapons room.

Barbury Armories are far more than meets the eye. Although this gun room looks like any shooting range at first glance, they also offer a lot more than the obvious.

The Armory also offers other services, such as:

  • replacement of parts
    • Obtained by purchasing any of the weapons in their Armory. Do you want to know what your gun is worth? Barbury Armory will appreciate your unwanted guns on your visit.
  • storage of weapons
    • The Armory offers members gun storage from £20 per year, however a maximum of 3 guns can be stored at a time. For guest rates and storage options, the Armory has asked you to contact us.
  • Service & Repairs
    • The armory handles weapon service, repairs and modifications from complete remodeling to remodeling to rebuilding.
  • Gunworthy
    • Currently, on-site weapon customizations are offered by one of their weapon room experts. Since the shooting school is only a few minutes' walk away, you can try out your adaptation as soon as possible.
  • Weapons Procurement
    • If you're looking for something a little fancier, or even something as simple as a silver dove, Barbury Gun Rome is the place to go.
  • Try before you buy
    • Available for those who want to buy a gun with the benefit of having shot it before buying it.

For more information visit:

Waffengeschäft – Barbury Shooting (

Barbury Shooting School – Community (8)

Café der Barbury Shooting School

The Barbury Shooting School cafe is one of the best facilities you will find. It serves possibly one of the best burgers the Guntrader team has ever tasted, along with all kinds of Sarnies, hot soups, cakes and more. We would also like to recommend the very popular Hazelnut Ice Cream Latte!! All of the staff at Barbury Shooting School do their best for each and every customer, including the kitchen and cafe waitresses.

So after your morning session, indulge in one of their sweet treats and enjoy the view from the indoor/outdoor seating.

The opening times are:

Monday to Friday – 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

Wednesday (summer months only) 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m

Saturday – 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m

Sunday – 9:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m

Barbury Shooting School – Community (9)

Sportagentur der Barbury Shooting Schools

Barbury Shooting School have recently extended their services to all UK based game shooters by establishing their quality sports agency. The sports agency strives to find the best days on the field during the game season that meet all the criteria you specify. Whether it is capercaillie or your traditional partridge, they will be happy to help you in your search.

With contacts from Aberdeen to Cornwall, the sports agency are confident they can organize the finest days of sport within their independent sports agency.

The sports agency has 30 years of experience in the industry and offers some of the best shooting performance for whole teams or individual shooters.

Simulated game days

The Barbury Shooting School Simulated Game Days are the perfect way to experience shooting without the actual game and a great way to host corporate events, a party with friends or to introduce a newbie to shooting. Although novices are welcome to take part in Barbury's simulated matchdays, they will be supervised by an instructor. This is also offered to more experienced shooters if required. However, this is not normally required unless otherwise noted.

Each sim day is organized in the same way as your traditional game day, with the added pleasure of shooting during the nice summer months. Your sim day will start at either the local pub or the main house for breakfast, followed by a briefing and firing multiple shots with two turrets per shot. Each weapon takes turns firing shots while the partner loads. The targets will simulate driven pheasants, partridges, capercaillie and pigeons. However, the targets can easily be modified to suit your needs, taking into account the experience of the other shooter.

In addition, Barbury will also host a traveling syndicate day which will also feature some fantastic shootouts at private firing ranges.

To see the Barbury Shooting Schools simulated match day availability:

Simulated Game Days – Barbury Shooting (

If you need tuition during your day of play, ask one of the many coaches who are happy to help you get the most out of your day.

Contact01793 940420for information only.

range of airguns

In addition, the Barbury Shooting School offers an air rifle shooting range for practice and teaching. This shooting experience allows you to learn about safety as a priority and the different guns at your disposal that do not require a UK license or certificate. The shooting range is accessible to both the ambitious shooter and the inexperienced shooter.

All lessons include both firearms and bullets but must be booked. We therefore recommend that you contact the friendly reception staff for all bookings and further information.

1 hour lesson for adults1 Person- (x2) (x3)30 £(£40) (£50)20 £(£30) (£40)
Junior 1 hour lesson1 Person- (x2) (x3)30 £(£40) (£50)20 £(£30) (£40)
1 hour shooting range rental (own weapon)10 £5 £
1 hour train rental (incl. gun rental)15 £10 £

Air Rifle Membership

Alternatively, if you're keen to get out and about with your airgun more, but want access to a larger facility, Barbury Shooting School offers a £25 12-month membership that allows you to do just that.


In addition to skeet shooting and the shooting range, the list of things to do in Barbury just keeps getting longer. There is also a designated practice area on the Barbury grounds for all experienced archers. The shooting school also provides a selection of bows of all sizes and weights (both left and right handed). All are suitable for adults and children over 10 years old.

Archery is also one of the multi-activity events at the Barbury Shooting Schools.

40 min. training session (own equipment)9 £7 £
40-minute training session (incl. equipment)16 £12 £

Note that training sessions require experience.

Reservation is also required.

Group events with multiple activities

Barbury Shooting School will combine a combination of skeet shooting, airguns and archery for all group sessions (including company days). However, if you wish to change your reservation due to special requirements, please contact the reception staff.

Please note that parties have a minimum of 4 people and reservation is required.

Barbury Shooting School – Community (10)

gifts and vouchers

If you are looking for a gift with a difference, we recommend considering a Barbury gift card. Whether for 50Thor 21stFor a birthday, these gift cards allow that special someone to choose from the range of activities or shop at their online store.

The lesson vouchers include:

  • use of weapons
  • A professional instructor
  • eye protection
  • ear protection

voucher price

Get a hiking voucher£14 (per 10 shots)
Voucher to use at Barbury(any value)
tuition vouchers1 Person2 To you
1 hour lesson for adults85 £105 £
Adult course with 6 lessons425 £
1-hour lesson for juniors/students55 £70 £
Junior/student course with 6 lessons275 £

All lesson prices are exclusive of clay and cartridges. If you are a full-time student, you qualify for Barbury's junior/student awards.

Please note: If you are a member and want to purchase a voucher, you will also receive a member price on it!

To visit their online store visit:

Online-Shop – Barbury Shooting (

Need information about Barbury Shooting School?

the park

As Barbury Shooting School is a very popular shooting range the car park was built to reflect this. Although you don't usually have to wait to find parking, it's always good to consider the busiest times.

A 4x4 or SUV is not necessary to get to the site, but may be helpful when driving the single lane road leading to the shooting range.

Barbury Shooting School opening hours

Monday – 9:00am, last registration 4:30pm (closing 5:30pm)

Tuesday – 9:00am, last registration 4:30pm (closing 5:30pm)

Wednesday – – 9:00 a.m., last registration 4:30 p.m. (closing 5:30 p.m.)

(April to September at 9am, last registration at 7pm, closing at 8pm)

Thursday – 9:00am, last registration 4:30pm (closing 5:30pm)

Friday – 9:00am, last registration 4:30pm (closing 5:30pm)

Saturday – 9:00am, last registration 3:00pm (closing 4:00pm)

Sunday – 9:00am, last registration 12:00pm (closing 1:30pm)

Holidays – 9:00am, last registration 12:00pm (end 1:30pm)

Contact details for general inquiries

T: 01793 940420 or 07872 666154

Adresse der Barbury Shooting School

Nr. Barbury-Slot




Please note:

Barbury can only be reached from Wroughton or Chiseldon, not from the south of the site. (Do not rely on the satellite navigation system if coming from the south)

Type "Barbury Shooting School" into Apple Maps, otherwise Google Maps will give you the correct route.

Barbury Shooting School – Community (11)

customer reviews

Catherine comments:

As someone who has bought a gun from Barbury, how would you describe the service and knowledge throughout the process?

As a regular Barbury customer I can only describe the service as outstanding. The suggestion of a Syren Julia came from Gunroom Manager Craig Hartley, whose sensitivity and understanding of the challenges I had with a previous Beretta resulted in the perfect shotgun being provided to me eventually.

What do you like about what the shooting range offers you as a shooter?

Barbury Shooting Ground has something for everyoneIn the school section for those just getting out and for the more experienced shooters, there are numerous ranges and facilities for those looking to improve their shooting skills. The grounds are very well maintained, I must also mention the clubhouse which I imagine some resorts can only dream of and most of all the staff who are always so warm and welcoming.

Overall, what do you like best about Earth?

My favorite thing on earth? Well there are two. First, my trainer Huw Stephens, who taught me from scratch to a level where I can compete in the spring. As does the Armory team who make every visit an absolute pleasure and do a fantastic job of making sure my Julia is always in the best of shape.

If you could encourage someone to visit the shooting range to shoot, how would you do it?

How do I get someone to visit the shooting range? Of course, invite them to shoot with me on a Saturday!

Melissa's Comments –

The guys at the store are absolutely brilliant at providing you with a gun that suits you! I didn't buy a gun from them as I don't have a driver's license, but they always make sure the gun is the right size and weight for me.

The terrain...well what can I say, the layouts on each floor offer a variety of challenges - and some beautiful scenery too! The café also has a great menu – I recommend the Blue Cheeseburger 👌🏼

The site itself is beautifully situated with truly incredible views of the great British countryside! The staff there are very attentive to the shooter when they have these 1 on 1 lessons and notice the little tweaks that make the lessons so much more worthwhile.

If you haven't been to the Barbury Shooting School you must go, even if it means checking it off your wish list, the overall experience I highly recommend! All your senses will be engaged by the beautiful view, the sound of the guns firing and laughing, the pulverizing, the feel of the cartridges in your pocket, the smell in the air after firing the gun and the taste of the oh so juicy burger, um round it all off! What's not to love?

Simon comments –

The team at the Barbury Gun Room is fantastic. I have purchased several shotguns from them as well as various shooting accessories since they opened and it is an effortless experience every time. Your knowledge is amazing and the service is better than any gun room I have ever been to.

Philip Montague @montyshoots kommentarer –

Barbury's owner and staff have created a space accessible to all with regularly rotating destinations, a wide variety of floorplans, a premium locally sourced burger and an amazing latte with ice cream. The Gunroom team is knowledgeable, always courteous and stock is competitively priced. The team in the clubhouse was always bright, cheerful and attentive. They deserve the awards and attention they have received. I've seen some of the creativity and work that went into this and I wish them the best of luck in the future.


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