Do you have a blocked sewage line?Here is what to do (2023)

If you have a blocked drain in your house, your first instinct will probably take a stamp.End with widespread flood and sanitary problems in your house.

Do you have a blocked sewage line?Here is what to do (1)

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In order to avoid serious damage, you need to recognize clogged wastewater pipes and know how to deal with it.

Are your most important wastewater pipes clogged?

In your home, you have drainage lines that carry wastewater from sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and more. All of these lines lead to the main sewer line. This giant whistle sends all the garbage from your house straight to your sewage or sewage treatment plant. When it gets clogged, the drainage throughout your home can't work - and you can even water your furniture, supporting leaky pipes and other problems.Small!

If you experience a constipation of the main line, there is not really a way to fix it. These drainage lines are often buried deep underground, far away from your home..

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Causes of clogged sewers

This type of clog is quite rare because most sewage pipes are about 4 to 6 inches wide. Usually only happens when your sanitary system has gone a bit seriously.A tube collapses or bends, the damage can prevent waste from moving properly through the cable. There are all kinds of things that can damage a sewage system, including:

Do you have a blocked sewage line?Here is what to do (3)

  • Change soil around the tubes
  • Corrosion in the tube
  • Construction near the line
  • Heavy traffic above the sewer pipe
  • Damaged pipe connections

Another major reason sewer lines become clogged is that they gradually sag over time. This bend in the tube makes it easier for debris to accumulate, ultimately causing a clog.

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The most common type of waste that clogs a sewage line is fat.If you pour fat, fat, fat or oils swallowing, you will finally cool down and harden the main shoe line.Then the fat clings to its lines and leads to constipation.

Other types of waste that often cause clogswashableDryer, sanitary products and other bulky objects that were washed down to the toilet.

Do you have a blocked sewage line?Here is what to do (5)

One last cause of clogged sewage pipes is tree roots.Trees are surprisingly powerful.Even small roots can continue to grow into their pipes in the tube over time, but they form a lot, due to the wastewater, they have difficulty going.

Signs that your sewer line might be clogged

Most clogged sewers appear gradually. Being able to identify them in the early stages will help you troubleshoot problemsForYou have wastewater that floods your entire house.Here you will find some things you should take care of if you suspect that you may need a cleaning of the sewage line:

Dark water

One of the characteristic symptoms of a main drain slop is water that supports your bathtubs or showers.This happens when you try to drain water, but there is nowhere because the sewage pipe is clogged.The water then moves backwards and then back and back for the lowest input point.In most houses, these are the shower, the tub or the soil drains in a basement.

In contrast to flooding devices caused by a leaky tube, the water is not clear.If a lot of waste material is mixed, it is usually dark, stinking and rough.Shell that this water may have raw waste water so that you have to be careful use the correct protective equipment and powerful cleaning agents if you are cleaned into your outflows after the dark water.

Slow moving drains

Take a moment to think about the drains in your house.Think quickly or notice that water baths usually slow down when the water is running when it is clogged 100% of the pipe.In the construction site, the waste accumulates over time and makes it increasingly difficult for waste to pull through.

If all the outflows of your house slow down, the problem is most likely a clogged wastewater gradually drops down.Toiletsis often the first drainage affected by the constipation of the main line, since it is usually directly connected to your wastewater pipe.

gurgle sounds

Since a Mainline stop prevents your drainage from working properly in your tubes you rumble noises.When the sound flows strangely through pipes, these noises from sanitary stocks, walls in other rooms or even from the ground and ceiling seem to come.

The most common sounds people report is a gurgling noise that occurs while using a drain. You may also immediately notice strange rushing, bubbling, or herring sounds. When your main sewer line is almost entirely clogged, it can take a while for things to get cleared. That's why you can continue to hear strange noises long after you stop a drain.

Clogged lights of the plumber

If your clogged sewage pipe is not noticed for too long, you will notice this sign: If the constipation builds up, almost no sewage can move through the tube.If this happens, your drains stop.Instead of just a little, slow drainage work, your sanitary inventory no longer seems to be completed.

Remember that all sanitary fittings in your house are connected, so that a blocked sewage pipe continues to flow throughout the house.If you let the sink in the kitchen run, when you enter the bathroom, you can see that the shower seems to be clogged.Your toilets on the upper floor seem to work perfectly, but if you go down, all sinks may be clogged.

What to do when your sewage line is clogged

To note that your sewer line is clogged is half the stroke. If you realize this is happening, the solution is simple. All you have to do is keep calm and follow these two simple steps:

1. Turn off the water

First, you need to turn off the water in your home. This step is important as it will prevent the situation from getting worse.clogged laundryIn the end, one of your bathrooms flooded with raw wastewater.In addition, it continues to lick pipes or automatic processes - like a dishwasher in a timer - to remove more water in their blocked line.

To switch off your water, identify your water head that is the line that your house delivers with water.You can often find it near your domestic water meter or sometimes outside the house near a corner of your house.As a rule, it has a large wheel, handle or handle.Trom it until it is completely closed.

2. Call a plumber

Technically speaking, it is possible to delete some small sewage pipes yourself, but this is rarely recommended.The problem with the DIY repair is people, knowing how to deal with a simple drainage shoe, has no tools for sewage shoes.

Experts have severe cleaning agents for the main seal lines and other devices with which you can delete all types of adjacent root growth or other serious sanitary problems.

If you get a specialist to examine your entire sanitary system, the actual problem will be solved.Depending on your situation, you may have to completely replace the sewage pipe.This may include digging the farm and the production of a large installation.

How do you pull a sewage line?

In the end you need a professional who knows how to pull a sewage line.However, there are some things that you can do to at least try to be clogged before your contractor arrives.

Many houses have a cleaning of the sewage line, a large tube with a hood at the end in their basement or on the side of their house.You can remove this ceiling to access your main waste.If you are very lucky, May Clog may have been forced to clean them.In this case you can simply pull them out manually.

You can also try to drive a plumber snail through the sewage line.This can be blocked or enable them to pull out part of the waste.The sewage line is often large enough within this time -the stops are often large enough that the standard drainage war cannot attach the clog.

Most of the time it will simply move a little, so it is easier to clean up the return flow and bring your home in a blurred state.Shell that clogs will probably continue to happen until they receive thorough cleaning of the sewage canal line.Still has to summon a licensed plumber to cope with the most important constipation.

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Do you have a blocked sewage line?Here is what to do (6)


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