High Protein Cat Food Top 5 & Top 10 Market Players By Revenue (2023)

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April 4, 2023 (The Expresswire) --"High Protein Cat Food Market2023: Market Analysis and Information: Global and US High Protein Cat Market

This report focuses on the United States and global High Protein Cat Food market, also covers the segmentation data of other regions at the regional and city level.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global High Protein Cat Food market size is estimated to be worth US$ million by 2022 and is predicted to resize by US$ million by 2028 at CAGR percentage during the period under review. Taking fully into account the economic change from this health crisis, by type, wet cat food, which accounts for a percentage of the global high-protein cat food market in 2021, is projected to be worth millions of dollars by 2028 , growing at a revised percentage CAGR in the post-COVID -19 period. While, by application, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets were the leading segment, accounting for more than percent market share in 2021, and changed at a CAGR percent during this forecast period.

The High Protein Cat Food market is forecast to grow from $M in 2021 to $M in 2028, at a CAGR of percentage over the forecast period.

Scope and size of the global High Protein Cat Food market

The High Protein Cat Food market is segmented by region (country), players, type, and application. Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global High Protein Cat Food market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource. Segmental analysis focuses on revenue and forecast by region (country), by Type, and by Application for the period 2017-2028.

For the United States market, this report focuses on the High Protein Cat Food market size by top players, by type, and by application, for the period 2017-2028. The key players include global and local players, which play important roles in the United States.

The global High Protein Cat Food market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2022 and 2028. In 2021, the market is growing at a steady rate and with the increasing adoption of strategies by Of the major players, the market is expected to rise above the projected horizon.

What is the growth of the High Protein Cat Food market?

The high protein cat food market size is projected to reach several million USD by 2028, compared to 2023, at an unexpected CAGR during the forecast period 2023-2028.

Explore detailed TOCs, charts, and figures with charts spread over 105 pages with 146 tables and figures that provide exclusive data, perspectives, vital statistics, trends, and details of the competitive landscape in this niche industry.

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non-client focus

High Protein Cat Food Market – Segmentation and Competitive Analysis:

1. How do you determine the list of key stakeholders included in the report?

In order to clearly reveal the competitive situation of the industry, we take a concrete look at not only the leading companies that have a voice on a global scale, but also the regional small and medium-sized companies that play important roles and have a lot of growth. potential.

The Major Listed Manufacturers for the Global High Protein Cat Food Market are:

● Diamond Pet Food
● WellPet
● Blue Buffalo Pet Products
● A company of J.M. Smucker
● Total food
● Lupus Food
● Nestlé Purina
● Hartz
● Hill's Pet Nutrition
● Mars incorporated

Get a sample PDF of the report -https://www.kingpinmarketresearch.com/enquiry/request-sample/20780831

This research report is the result of an extensive primary and secondary research effort into the High Protein Cat Food market. It provides a comprehensive overview of current and future market objectives, along with competitive industry analysis broken down by application, type, and regional trends. It also provides a dashboard overview of the past and present performance of leading companies. A variety of methodologies and analyzes are used in the research to ensure accurate and complete information regarding the High Protein Cat Food market.

The High Protein Cat Food Market by Type can be divided into:

● Wet cat food
● Dry cat food

High Protein Cat Food Market By Application, Can Be Split Into:

● Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
● Specialized pet stores
● Convenience stores
● online
● Others

Segments and subsections of the High Protein Cat Food market are detailed below:

2. Does this report consider the impact of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine War on the High Protein Cat Food market?Yes. Since COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war are deeply affecting the global supply chain relationship and commodity pricing system, we definitely take them into account throughout the investigation, and in chapters elaborate on the impact of the pandemic and the war on the high protein cat food industry

The final report will add an analysis of the impact of the Russia-Ukraine War and COVID-19 on this high protein cat food industry.


3.What are your main sources of data?Both primary and secondary data sources are used during report compilation.

Primary sources include extensive interviews with key thought leaders and industry experts (such as experienced frontline employees, directors, CEOs, and marketing executives), downstream distributors, and end users. Secondary sources include researching the annual and financial reports of major companies, public records, new newspapers, etc. We also cooperate with some third party databases.

Geographically, the chapters cover the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, historical data and forecast (2017-2027) of the following regions:

● North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)

● Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey, etc.)

● Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam)

● South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)

● Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

This High Protein Cat Food Market Research/Analysis Report Contains Answers to the following Questions

● What are the global trends in the High Protein Cat Food market? Would the market witness a rise or fall in demand in the coming years?

● What is the estimated demand for the different types of products in high protein cat food? What are the upcoming applications and market trends for the High Protein Cat Food Market?

● What are projections of global High Protein Cat Food Industry considering capacity, production and production value? What will be the estimated cost and profit? What will be the market share, supply and consumption? What about import and export?

● Where will strategic developments lead the industry in the medium and long term?

● What are the factors that contribute to the final price of high protein cat food? What are the raw materials used to manufacture High Protein Cat Food?

● What is the size of the opportunity for the High Protein Cat Food market? What will be the impact of the increasing adoption of High Protein Cat Food for Mining on the growth rate of the overall market?

● How much is the global High Protein Cat Food market worth? What was the market value in 2020?

● Who are the key vendors in the High Protein Cat Food market? Which companies are the pioneers?

● What are the recent industry trends that can be implemented to generate additional revenue streams?

● What should be the entry strategies, economic impact countermeasures, and marketing channels for the high protein cat food industry?

Report customization

Can I modify the scope of the report and customize it according to my needs?

Si. Multi-dimensional, deep-level, high-quality customized requirements can help our customers accurately seize market opportunities, effortlessly meet market challenges, formulate market strategies properly, and act promptly, to gain enough time and space for competition in the market.

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Detailed TOC of Global High Protein Cat Food Market Outlook and Forecast to 2028

main index points

Global High Protein Cat Food Market Research Report 2023-2028 by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose of the study
1.2 Market definition
1.3 Scope of the market
1.3.1 Market Segment by Type, Application and Marketing Channel
1.3.2 Main regions covered (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa)
1.4 years considered for the study (2015-2028)
1.5 Currency considered (US dollar)
1.6 Interested parties

2 Main conclusions of the study

3 Market dynamics
3.1 Drivers of this market
3.2 Factors that challenge the market
3.3 Global High Protein Cat Food Market Opportunities (Regions, Downstream Emerging/Growing Markets Analysis)
3.4 Market and Technological Developments in the High Protein Cat Food Market
3.5 Industry News by Region
3.6 Regulatory Scenario by Region/Country
3.7 Strategic Recommendations Market Investment Scenario Analysis

4 High Protein Cat Food Market Value Chain

4.1 Situation of the Value Chain
4.2 Upstream Raw Materials Analysis
4.3 Analysis of the main intermediary companies (by manufacturing base, by product type)
4.4 Distributors/Traders
4.5 Analysis of Major Downstream Customers (by Region)

5 Global High Protein Cat Food Market Segmentation by Type
6 Global High Protein Cat Food Market Segmentation by Application

7 Global High Protein Cat Food Market Segmentation by Marketing Channels
7.1 Traditional Marketing Channel (Offline)
7.2 Online channel

8 Competitive Intelligence Company Profiles

9 Geographical Segmentation of Global High Protein Cat Food Market

9.1 North America
9.2 Europa
9.3 Asia-Pacific
9.4 Latin America

9.5 Middle East and Africa

10 Future High Protein Cat Food Market Predictions From 2023 To 2028

10.1 Global High Protein Cat Food Market Forecast from 2023 to 2028, Segment by Region
10.2 Global Cat High Protein Production and Growth Rate Forecast by Type (2023-2028)
10.3 Global High Protein Cat Food Consumption and Growth Rate by Application (2023-2028)

11 Appendix
11.1 Methodology
12.2 Source of research data


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What is considered high protein cat food? ›

Some examples of high-protein cat food are wet foods that contain a minimum of 40% animal protein, such as salmon, chicken, beef and tuna. Additionally, some dry foods may also contain a high amount of animal proteins, such as lamb, chicken meal, and fish meal.

What is the most popular cat food on the market? ›

Our List
  • Best Overall: Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food.
  • Best Dry Cat Food: Hill's Science Diet Adult Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food.
  • Best Wet Cat Food: Tiki Cat Emma Luau Variety Pack.
  • Best Limited-Ingredient Cat Food: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Adult Selected Protein PR Dry Cat Food.
Mar 2, 2023

What is the highest crude protein cat food? ›

They say the food works wonders and their cats love the taste.
  • IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH High-Protein Adult Dry Cat Food.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High-Protein, Natural Adult Dry Cat Food.
  • Purina ONE High Protein, Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food.
  • CRAVE Grain Free Indoor Adult High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food.

What are the top 3 cat foods? ›

The List: Best Cat Food Brands, According To Experts
  • Smalls. Smalls rates highly as one of the top foods for cats given its impressive list of USDA-certified, humanely-harvested, and sustainably-sourced ingredients with no BPAs, preservatives, fillers, or mystery-ingredients. ...
  • Purina. ...
  • Hill's Cat Food. ...
  • Royal Canin.
Feb 21, 2023

What is best cat food for indoor cats? ›

The Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats: Reviewed and Ranked
Best forProduct
Best OverallPurina Beyond Simply Indoor Wild-Caught Salmon
Best Wet FoodWellness CORE Grain-Free Indoor Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe Canned Cat Food
Best for KittensBlue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Kitten Chicken Grain-Free
5 more rows
Feb 16, 2023

What is the most digestible protein for cats? ›

However, the following list provides an overview of some of the more digestible proteins sold in commercial cat food products:
  • Egg whites.
  • Organ meat from naturally-sourced animals.
  • Muscle meat from naturally-sourced animals.
  • Fish meat and/or tissue.

Is 40% protein too much for cats? ›

An adult cat requires around 30-40% protein in their diet, so the protein composition of the food should be within or above this to meet your cats needs.

Can you give a cat too much protein? ›

What if my pet gets more protein than it needs? Feeding a diet that is higher in protein than pets need does not result in any health benefits. However, for a healthy pet, excess protein is unlikely to be harmful, either. The extra protein will just be broken down by the body and eliminated in the urine.

Which dry cat food do cats like most? ›

The best premium dry cat food for adult felines is Royal Canin Indoor Dry. Recommended by Dr. Singleton, it's formulated with a blend of fiber for digestion and weight maintenance. This cat food contains optimal portions of chicken meal, animal fat, vegetable fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

What company makes the most cat food? ›

2021 annual revenue: $1.50 billion

Founded in 1970, Diamond Pet Foods is the USA's leading pet food manufacturer.

Is expensive cat food really better? ›

The simple answer is no. As with any other industry, costs unrelated to the quality of the product are factored in to the price. Often, when you pay more for pet food, you're paying for marketing, branding, and advertising rather than better food.

What are the best novel proteins for cats? ›

What are Novel Proteins?
  • Duck.
  • Turkey.
  • Venison.
  • Bison.
  • Kangaroo.
  • Rabbit.
  • Quail.
  • Ostrich.
Apr 1, 2020

Is Purina high-protein good for cats? ›

Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Purina ONE Plus Ideal Weight High Protein provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult cats.

What is the best cat food for cats not eating? ›

For sick cats that are not eating well, offering a very savory canned food is often a good first step. Canned food can be offered alone or mixed with kibble. Purina's Fancy Feast and Friskies have many flavors and varieties, including shreds, chunks, and pâté canned food options.

Why do vets not like grain free cat food? ›

"With an all-natural and grain-free type diet they are lacking an amino acid called taurine which essentially predisposes them to a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy," Billmaier said.

Is pate or shreds better for cats? ›

Looking at the similar recipes of Chicken and Salmon Carnivore Cravings from Stella & Chewy's, pate has more protein, fat, and calories. These can be a great option for senior cats who do not have as many teeth as they used to, or for cats who may be a bit on the skinny side.

What is best food for cats wet or dry? ›

Wet food is more expensive and less easy to use but can be beneficial in cats prone to lower urinary tract disease, constipation and that are overweight. Dry food can be a very efficient way to provide calories in thin cats with food volume limitations and allows for the use of food puzzles and food toy dispensers.

What should not be in dry cat food? ›

Ingredients to avoid:
  • Corn and wheat gluten.
  • Meat and grain meals and by-products.
  • BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)
  • BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene)
  • Ethoxyquin.
  • Food Dyes (Blue 2, Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6, 4-MIE)
  • PG (Propylene Glycol)
  • Rendered fat.

What food keeps cats full? ›

Using canned green beans can add bulk to the diet to make cats feel more full. This should not be done with cats that have a history of urinary tract crystals (FLUTD) since the veggies raise the urinary pH, which predisposes to crystal formation.

What is the healthiest meat for cats? ›

They have to have protein from meat for a strong heart, good vision, and a healthy reproductive system. Cooked beef, chicken, turkey, and small amounts of lean deli meats are a great way to give them that. Raw or spoiled meat could make your cat sick. If you wouldn't eat it, don't give it to your pet.

What percentage protein is best for cats? ›

Adult cats require significantly more protein as a percentage of their diet than dogs or humans. While exact protein recommendations have some degree of variation, adult cats generally need a minimum of 26% protein in their diet, while adult canines require 12%, and humans require 8%.

What are the top two most digestible proteins? ›

The Most Digestible Protein Sources
  • Greek yogurt. Score: 1.00. Protein per serving: 16.1 grams per 5.5-ounces. ...
  • Eggs. Score: 1.00. Protein per serving: 6.24 grams per whole egg. ...
  • Soy. Score: 1.00. Protein per serving: 8.1 grams per 8-ounces. ...
  • Pea Protein. Score: 0.67.
Jun 15, 2021

Is 60% protein too much for cats? ›

Adult cats need a balanced diet for healthy tissues and body systems. A diet of 50-60% protein and 30-50% fat is usually a good balance. If your cat isn't very active, your vet might suggest different amounts.

What are the side effects of high-protein cat food? ›

Skin lesions may also be present, including small crusts (miliary dermatitis), redness, papules, self-induced trauma, self-induced hair loss, ulcerations, or plaques. Less commonly, there may be gastrointestinal symptoms, including diarrhea and/or vomiting.

Can high-protein cat food cause kidney problems? ›

They become such a part of our life and it is never easy. High protein diets made with animal protein that contain less than 8% starch, will not cause or exasperate your cat's kidney disease. We know of no research that suggests that feeding a carnivore diet to a carnivore cat will cause kidney disease.

Should indoor cats eat high protein food? ›

Cats have a higher protein requirement than most other domestic animals, like dogs, pigs, and chickens and even people. High-quality, highly digestible protein are especially important for growing kittens and adults cats that are nursing. More protein than dog's need.

What happens if an animal eats too much protein? ›

Dogs on a commercial complete diet containing too much protein can suffer from anxiety, aggression, restlessness, light sleep and depression. Too much protein in the diet can also exacerbate existing mental health/nervous system issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

What food do cats find irresistible? ›

Try these baits that cats find irresistible:
  • Jarred baby food (no onions!)
  • Catnip.
  • Boil Valerian Root in water and douse the trap in the fragrant broth.
  • Instead of canned tuna in oil, try mackerel, canned cat food, sardines, anchovies, or cooked chicken.

How many cans of wet food should a cat eat a day? ›

You can feed your cat wet food daily. If you're wondering, “how much wet food should I feed my cat?” check the can or consult your veterinarian for feeding recommendations. In general, you can feed an average-sized adult cat one 3-ounce can per 3 to 3½ pounds of body weight daily.

What are the top 10 best cat food brands? ›

Complete your product analysis and go for the best product for your cat.
  • PurePet Adult Cat Food. ...
  • Meat Up Kitten Food. ...
  • Royal Canin Intense Beauty Cat Food. ...
  • Let's Bite Kitten Food. ...
  • Sheba Premium Wet Food. ...
  • Me-O-Cat Food Tuna. ...
  • Royale Cat Adult Cat Food. ...
  • Kennel Kitchen Wet Cat Food.
Nov 16, 2022

Who makes the Costco cat food? ›

Kirkland is made by Diamond Petfoods, known for making a number of premium brands including Taste of the Wild.

What is the most expensive cat food brand? ›

A British pet food company has created what it claims is the world's most expensive cat food. British Banquet is a grain-free blend made with "Arenkha caviar, line-caught Scottish salmon, hand-caught Norfolk lobster and Devon crab," according to the Green Pantry website.

What is a good cat food that isn't expensive? ›

  • Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken Formula. ...
  • Wellness Complete Health Canned Cat Food (Chicken Entree) ...
  • Merrick Purrfect Bistro Canned Pâté (Chicken) ...
  • Taste of the Wild Canyon River Canned Cat Food (Trout and Salmon) ...
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Kibble Recipe (Chicken) ...
  • American Journey Dry Cat Food (Salmon)
Sep 29, 2022

What is the difference between cheap cat food and expensive cat food? ›

Compared to less expensive brands that you might find at a grocery or big box store, some premium brands may have higher digestibility and higher amounts of more expensive ingredients such as animal fat, protein, and fish oil, or different amounts or ratios of other essential nutrients well above the required minimums.

Do cats get tired of eating the same food? ›

Why do cats get bored of their food? While Mr Whiskers may like consistency in most areas of life, it is possible for your cat to feel bored of the same food. Part of this has to do with the innate nature of cats as apex predators.

What is the fastest absorbing animal protein? ›

Whey protein takes the cake for being the fastest digesting protein! It's a great choice for muscle recovery after a workout because it is absorbed and digested most rapidly. Whey is also a complete protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids.

Which animal food is richest source of protein? ›

1. Protein from animal sources
FoodProtein per 100 gCalories per 100g
Chicken32.8 g148 cal
Beef26.4 g163 cal
Pork (loin)22.2 g131 cal
Duck19.3 g133 cal
15 more rows

What is the most important amino acid for cats? ›

Taurine is exclusively found in animal-based proteins. It is critical for normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain normal pregnancy and fetal development, and to maintain a healthy immune system. Taurine is an essential amino acid in the cat.

What brands of cat food are high in protein? ›

Explore Brands Offering High Protein Cat Food
  • Beyond. Beyond's recipes feature purposeful ingredients and added vitamins, minerals and nutrients. ...
  • Purina ONE. Purina ONE® pet food expertly combines natural, high-quality ingredients to create nutrition that can lead to visible differences in your pet's health. ...
  • Friskies.

What are protein rich foods for cats? ›

The best high-protein cat foods are the ones that contain chicken, turkey, or duck. This is because birds are a staple part of a wild or feral cat's diet. In fact, cats love bird meat so much that they are responsible for the extinction of some bird species. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with poultry.

Do vets recommend Purina for cats? ›

Yes, Purina Pro Plan is good for cats. Backed by 400+ Purina scientists, including nutritionists, behaviorists, and veterinarians, Pro Plan cat food formulas offer advanced nutrition and the highest quality ingredients to nourish your cat's best life. Pro Plan is recommended by veterinarians.

What are the most unhealthy cat foods? ›

Some of the most toxic food for cats include onions & garlic, raw eggs & meat, chocolate, alcohol, grapes and raisins. Avoid feeding your cat table scraps, especially around the holidays, as these may contain potentially toxic ingredients.

What are the top brands of dry cat food? ›

  • Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Dry Cat Food / Royal Canin/Amazon.
  • Iams Proactive Health / Iams/Amazon.
  • Acana Indoor Entrée Adult Dry Cat Food / Acana/Chewy.
  • Hill's Science Diet Urinary and Hairball Control Dry Cat Food / Hill's Science Diet/Amazon.
  • Purina Pro Plan LiveClear / Purina/Chewy.
Jun 3, 2022

What are the 4 types of cat food? ›

Types of cat food include wet, dry, raw, and homemade. Wet food has a high moisture content, while dry food offers convenience.

Is tuna fish good for cats? ›

Cats can be addicted to tuna, whether it's packed for cats or for humans. Some tuna now and then probably won't hurt. But a steady diet of tuna prepared for humans can lead to malnutrition because it won't have all the nutrients a cat needs. And, too much tuna can cause mercury poisoning.

Why is Fancy Feast bad for cats? ›

Many fish products contain significant levels of mercury. In fact, many Fancy Feast cat food products contain fish that may carry high levels of mercury. These products can cause the effects of mercury poisoning over a long period of time, and it can result in severe health problems.

What is the top rated senior cat food wet? ›

The 10 Best Wet Cat Foods for Senior Cats
  • Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Mature Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. ...
  • Fancy Feast Tuna Feast in Gravy Minced Senior 7+ Canned Cat Food, 3-oz can, case of 24. ...
  • Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Tender Chicken Recipe Cat Food, 2.8-oz pouch, case of 24.
Dec 21, 2022

What is the best all round dry food for cats? ›

Best dry cat foods
  1. Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken & Wholegrains 3kg (Case of 4) ...
  2. Lifelong Complete Dry Cat Food 10kg. ...
  3. Whiskas 1+ Adult Complete Dry Cat Food 7kg. ...
  4. Lily's Kitchen Chicken Casserole Complete Adult Dry Cat Food 2kg. ...
  5. Iams For Vitality 1+ Adult Cat Food 2kg.

Why is grain free cat food better? ›

Cats with sensitive skin and intolerances will benefit from a grain free diet, because foods containing grains such as corn, rice, barley and wheat have been associated with allergies, and can cause many problems with a cat's skin, fur and digestion.

Which cat food is better? ›

Our Top Picks for Best Cat Food
  • Orijen Original Dry Cat Food - Best dry cat food for most cats.
  • Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe - Best dry food for indoor cats.
  • Acana Grasslands Dry Cat Food - Best grain-free dry cat food.
  • Wellness CORE Dry Kitten Food - Best dry cat food for kittens.
Jun 24, 2022

Which cat food contains most meat? ›

Iams is nutritionally complete, wheat-free, and contains 89% animal protein (higher than most other cat foods, including some wet varieties).

Are scrambled eggs good for cats? ›

Yes, cats can eat eggs. Fully cooked eggs are a great nutritional treat for cats. Eggs are packed with nutrients, like amino acids, which are the building blocks to protein, and they're also highly digestible. Scrambled, boiled, however you choose to prepare them is fine.

What meat is best for cats? ›

Cats are meat eaters, plain and simple. They have to have protein from meat for a strong heart, good vision, and a healthy reproductive system. Cooked beef, chicken, turkey, and small amounts of lean deli meats are a great way to give them that. Raw or spoiled meat could make your cat sick.

Why can't cats eat tuna everyday? ›

Tuna is high in mercury, a toxic metal. Frequent consumption of tuna may also lead to mercury poisoning explains Cailin Heinze, a veterinary nutritionist at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include dizziness and loss of coordination and balance.


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