How to dry foam pillows: tips for faster and more efficient drying (2023)

If you are facing the problem of wet pads causing damage to your furniture, then you better come to the right place to solve this problem as foam pads are difficult to clean. Despite this, many people have difficultiesDrying foam pads. This article explains the best and easiest ways to dry foam pillows. This is one of the most common problems that many people face nowadays. But there is no need to worry after facing such difficulties for a long time. I found some solutions for drying foam pillows with a few simple steps. You need a few hours a day to properly dry the pillows.

So stay tuned for the whole article that will tell you step by step how to quickly dry foam pillows at home. These simple steps will also help you dry waterproof outdoor cushions, sofa cushions, foam cushions, and many other types. So here is the step by step guide on how to dry pillows:

Step 1:Open the covers and remove the upholstery foam.

Step 2:Then wash them properly.a sofaor waterproof pillow.

Stage 3:Wring out the water by rolling the foam top to bottom and side to side. Squeeze out the foam.

Step 4:Now be sure to drain the maximum amount of water and place the pillow in an open place.

Step 5:Disinfect the foam pads with any spray (optional). (It is not necessary)

Step 6:After washing, use any drying method of your choice.

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1 How to dry foam pillows: methods

1.1 dry tub

1.2 Fixed dry pads

1.3 Dry in empty room/hall

1.4 Dry them on the floor

1.5 Air dry

2 types of foam pads

2.1 Polyfoam

2.2 High resilience foam

2.3 HD36 foam

2.4 lux foam

2.5 5. Dry resistant foam:

3 Drying Foam Pads: Tips

3.1 Things to avoid when drying foam pillows

4 frequently asked questions

4.1 Can foam pillows be washed and dried?

4.2 How long does the sofa cushion have to dry?

4.3 How to get pet urine out of sofa cushion?

5. Conclusions

How to dry foam pillows:methods

dry tub

Place a soaking pad in an empty bathtub. (Make sure the bathtub is empty enough) Place a large cloth over the pillows to absorb moisture. tightenfoam padto squeeze as much water out and down the drain as possible.

The towel will keep you from getting too wet and will help soak up the liquids from above. Repeat pressure several times until no more liquid comes out. Flip the pillow over, grab a clean towel, and repeat the process on the opposite side of the pillow. When finished, place a clean towel on the floor and let the pillows dry.

Tight and dry pads

To remove stains or excess liquid from solid foam pillows, such as the seat, armrests, and back of a sofa, steam or stain clean them. (Skip the steam cleaner several times to remove as much water as possible.) Direct air to the upholstery with two fans. To prevent mold growth, replace pillowcases immediately after foam dries. It may take a few days for the dense foam to dry completely. Before washing or drying a foam pillow, always follow the manufacturer's care instructions to avoid damage.

Dry in an empty room/room

Suppose you have an empty room or hallway in your house. In that case, the best way to go is to just place all the foam pillows in that room at a marginally good distance that allows air to pass through and open the windows or turn on the fan for 2-3 hours and see the results. As a result, the pads dry very quickly.

Dry them on the floor

This technique involves using several clean towels to soak up the liquid, and is ideal for pillows that aren't completely soaked. Place some bath towels on the bare floor. Place a pillow on top of the stacked towels. Towels are folded around the pillow. They apply pressure to the wrapped pillow to extract the water and transfer it to the towels. Remove the pillow and dry the towels by holding them over a bathtub or sink drain. Repeat rolling, squeezing, and wringing the towel until the pillow is dry.

air dry

This is one of the simple drying techniquesfoam padand it also helps to quickly dry wet sofa cushions because if you put or hang the cushions in the air just a few hours a day, the cushions will dry as quickly as the clothes because the airflow will be fast. Air flows quickly through the pores and allows the pillows to dry like new.

Types of foam pads

It would be better if you had ways to find the best upholstery foam for your home. Get the perfect fit for your home's needs and budget with our range of pillow foam types. I'll tell you some of the best types of foam for upholstery.


Poly is a soft, low-cost foam ideal for one-off shipments or occasional packaging. This foam is also great for wrapping and storing delicate items like china, silverware, and Christmas ornaments. A medium firm foam is recommended for occasional use. You can use polyfoam as a replacement for pillows and mattresses, as well as for packaging and crafts. It has a typical shelf life of one to two years.

(Polyfoam has a density of 1.5 lb/ft3 and an ILD of 36 lb.)

high resilience schaum

Choose high-resilience foam for a seat cushion that needs support but has a little bounce and bounce. People like this foam because it works well for an average of 10 years. High resiliency foam is great for sofa cushions because it's firm and durable but lacks in comfort. Even if you sit on the high resilience foam for a long time, it still assumes its original shape. Choose this type of foam for a sofa cushion, office chair, or desk chair because it is responsive and comfortable to sit on. Remember this is one of the best polyurethane foams you can buy. Compared to other types, it lasts longer and works better.

HD36 foam

The HD36-HQ is offered in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet your exact project specifications. Thicknesses range from a 1-inch for minimal support and cushioning to a luxurious 8-inch option for maximum support. Medium touch foam for regular or heavy use. HD36 Foam - HQ is a high quality foam for seats, chairs, cushions, benches and mattresses. It is not recommended that dining rooms have 1" to 2" of space. We recommend using our signature Lux Foam. High quality HD36 foam has an average lifespan of 16 years.

(HD36 HQ foam has a density of 2.8 lb/ft3 with an ILD of 35 lb).

lux foam

Lux HQ foam is a resilient, supportive and cushioning material with a higher density than other types. On the earlier end of the foam spectrum, Lux HQ foam is known for its superior quality and high support for moderate daily use. Lux Foam is used for seat cushions, benches, premium bedding and leisure products such as garden, knee pads and camping pads for customers who want superior quality and strength. This foam has a typical shelf life of 16 years.

(Lux HQ foam has a density of 2.8 lb/ft3 with an ILD of 50 lb).

5. Dry Firm Foam:

With the quick-drying foams you have a product designed for use in humid environments. Dry resistant foams are suitable for outdoor applications where moisture and precipitation are present. The large, open cells in this foam allow for airflow not found in other foams, so it dries quickly even when fully saturated. It usually lasts between 5 and 8 years.

(Dry tough foam has a density of 1.8 lb/ft3 with an ILD of 60 lb).

How to dry foam pillows: tips

  • Carefully read all instructions before washing any foam pillow, be it a waterproof pillow, sofa pillow or foam pillow.
  • Always choose the right, clean place to dry wet foam sofa cushions.
  • As with couch cushions, remove covers from foam cushions to prevent the foam from shrinking.
  • Even after drying, leave them in the open air to remove unpleasant odors that will quickly dry a wet pillow.
  • Oil stains are harder to remove, but try using a spray bottle with two drops of regular dish soap and 16 ounces of warm water. Spray this on the stain for five minutes.

Things to Avoid When Drying Foam Pillows

  • Avoid shrinking the foam to keep it safe.
  • Avoid rubbing hard on the soft surface to avoid damage.
  • Always wash and dry covers separately.
  • Do not use water that is already usable as it will transfer germs and bacteria through the foam.
  • It is important to close the pillowcases to prevent the pillows from becoming twisted or damaged.

common questions

Can you wash and dry foam pillows?

Yes, you can do that, but you need to take great care to avoid damage to the foam during washing and drying. So, use the best method that is easy for you.

How long does the sofa cushion have to dry?

It usually takes between eight and twelve hours for the couch to dry and be ready to use again. Some professional cleaning services involve installing oscillating fans or small box fans to help dry the couch.

How do you get pet urine out of your sofa cushion?

Thoroughly mix white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle or other container. Add 1-2 drops of dish soap to minimize foaming in the mixture. Use the mixture on the smelling part of the couch and let it dry.


secofoam padmake it easy with simple steps. But before using any method, make sure you do it professionally and avoid any damage. You can also clean your pillows from a sofa, saving time. For drying foam pillows, I recommend the easy way to do it at home. The best way to dry a foam pillow is to place it outside or in front of fans. But it's up to you now to choose carefully according to your conditions.




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