How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (2023)

The iPhone has become an integral part of our lives, keeping us connected, informed and entertained.

However, encountering an issue where your iPhone won't turn on or off repeatedly can be frustrating and worrying.

Whether you're seeing a black screen or getting stuck in a constant power cycle, it's important to understand that there are possible solutions to revive your device and restore its functionality.

In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, we will examine various methods and steps to help you fix iPhone won't turn on or keeps turning off unexpectedly.

From simple solutions to more advanced techniques, we cover the most effective strategies to bring your iPhone back to life and save you from the misery of a seemingly inanimate device.

Herrenserious problems likeJailbreaking iPhone 12oriPhone 13With our posts, you can achieve the desired result in just a few steps.

Let's dive in and find out why your iPhone won't turn on or keeps turning off and how to fix the problem.

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Why won't my iPhone turn on?

How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (1)We'll start by examining common causes of iPhone not turning on because understanding the root issue is crucial to implementing the appropriate solution.

The reasons for this are numerous, but the following four are the most common:

How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (2)

1.battery error

If you are confused by a black screen on your iPhone, the cause could be a dead battery.

Power issues are common when your device shuts down suddenly despite having a longer battery, or when it tends to heat up quickly.

As Apple batteries age, their efficiency decreases and their capacity to hold a charge decreases.

As a result, their performance drops, especially when operating with low battery levels, often resulting in unexpected shutdowns.

2.water damage

Despite the proliferation of waterproof designs in modern devices, it's important to note that even a small amount of liquid can damage certain internal components and render your iPhone unusable.

If you suspect your iOS device has experienced liquid damage and isn't responding, we recommend checking out our comprehensive water damage guide.

3.physical damage

If you've recently dropped your iPhone, it may stop working even if it doesn't show any visible signs of damage.

To find out if this is the case, shine a lamp on the screen to check for damage and try calling your phone to see if it rings or vibrates.

Even if your screen has been cracked for a long time, constant use has further damaged the device, making it appear as if it is turned off. problems

Sometimes software issues can cause your iPhone not to turn on.

Problems due to certain apps or iOS updates can contribute to this situation.

Also, if your iPhone crashes during an OS update, it can cause it to become unresponsive.

What to do to fix iPhone won't turn on issue?

1.Charge your iPhone

How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (3)The problem may not be a software bug, but a dead battery.

The first step is to charge your phone. Give it an hour or two to charge the battery. If you see the "plug in lightning cable" icon, don't worry and let it charge for a while.

To rule out excessive heat as a cause, connect your phone directly to a power adapter and not to a computer's USB port. If the Lightning or USB connector is defective, charging and switching on can be prevented.

If charging with an AC adapter doesn't work, we recommend contacting Apple Support or visiting an Apple Retail Store for more help.

However, when you plug in your charger, you may get an error message like "Liquid detected in Lightning connector' or 'Unable to charge'. You can solve this problem with a simple tap.

2.Check your cable and charger

How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (4)It's important to check your cable, charger, and Lightning connector for signs of damage.

It is also recommended to clean the port with a soft tool and use a different cable or charger if necessary to avoid fake chargers.

If you still see the Connect Lightning Cable icon, your iPhone won't turn on. In this case, try using other cables and chargers.

It is also important to dispose of any damaged cables responsibly, e.g. by recycling them on site.

3.Force restart iPhone

How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (5)To determine if your iPhone is experiencing a software bug that is preventing it from waking, try forcing the device to restart.

Remember that your iPhone is normally on unless intentionally turned off, even if the screen is dark.

If the device restarts, the problem is probably due to corrupted data or an error in an app you are using.

The steps to force restart your iPhone may vary depending on the model.

Below are the most common techniques for modern iPhone models:

For iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11 or SE:

  • FastPressAndreleaseDieVolume up button.
  • FastPressAndreleaseDieVolume down button.
  • Keep goingPresserAndHalterDieside thrown toApple-Logoappears on the screen.

For iPhone 8 or earlier models:

  • At the same time firmlyPressAndHoldDiesleeping/awakebutton (usually on the right side or top) andHeimbutton (located on the front of the device).
  • Keep goingPresser&Halterboth keys upAppleLogo appears on the screen.

4.Look for possible hardware problems

How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (6)If your iPhone isn't responding to a hard reset and shows no signs of charging, it could indicate a hardware issue.

External or internal damage can result from falls or exposure to liquids.

To determine possible water damage, remove and inspect the SIM card trayliquid contact indicator(LCI).

If the LCI looks red, water may be the culprit. In rare cases, there may be a manufacturing defect, which is usually noticeable within the warranty period. There are several ways to confirm your iPhone's warranty status.

5.Restore your iPhone using iTunes or Finder

How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (7)If your computer can find your iPhone, make sure to back up its data, update or restore the software, and finally restore the backup.

However, if your computer does not recognize the iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. When you connect youriPhoneto yourPC, check ifSystemrecognize it. If it is detected, use the available optionMake a backup copy.
  2. Try toUpdate the softwareon your iPhone. If you already have the latest version, continue to the next step.
  3. If the computer doesn't recognize your iPhone, enterrecreationModus.
  4. When your iPhone is insertedrecreationcondition, useFinderoriTunesto start the recovery process, which will be reinstallediOSSoftware. Please note that this process will result in the loss of data that has not yet been backed up.

6.Turn on AssistiveTouch

How to fix iPhone won't turn on issue? - 6 best ways (8)This clever technique comes in handy when your iPhone's physical home button is damaged or not working.

This proves especially useful when you need to reset your phone, even on models without a home button.

When faced with such a predicament, one must resort to a software alternative.

Through exploitationAssistiveTouchallows you to display a virtual home button on your screen that allows you to perform all functions that a physical button would normally allow.

Our thoughts

Once you've tried all of the above solutions, you can often fix the problem without taking your device to a repair shop.

However, if your iPhone still randomly turns off or won't turn on, there might be a more serious problem that requires professional help.

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