The best ways to dry socks when you don't have a dryer handy (2023)

Wet socks are just the worst! But sometimes you get wet socks and you don't have a dryer available. You can skip the socks and go barefoot in your shoes or sneakers - but that's no better. The older, thinner socks worn wet will make your feet sore, and the soft, plush specialty socks will flatten their fabrics and spoil from wet or soaked wear.

Also, your feet slip and slide in your shoes or sneakers, which is uncomfortable and a trip hazard. Then you have a whole new problem to deal with.

Walking around with wet feet is just not good for your health. Not only can you develop a common cold, which can lead to a cold or the flu depending on your immune system, but you can also develop foot problems like athlete's foot or any kind of nasty illness.athlete's foot🇧🇷 Disgusting!

> Of course, these scenarios only happen if you get caught in the rain or sink your toes in wet sand or mud - but there's also the occasion when your favorite couple doessomeone got you as a gift for a special occasionYou just got out of the washing machine and you want to use it.

You can always let your socks air dry, but what if you don't have that time? The last thing you should do is wear them in your shoes anyway and hope for the best. You may not like how wet they feel in your shoes or sneakers and they will dominate your every thought.

In this article, we're going to explore some of the best ways to dry your precious pairArgyle Sockyou love too much, or thestunning valentines day socksthat evoke memories of the novel when you don't have a dryer handy.

Get rid of your hair dryer

Without a doubt, as long as you have a hair dryer handy, this is the best choice. If you stay in a hotel room, chances are there's a hair dryer attached to the bathroom wall or hidden somewhere in a closet or drawer. If you're at home, we don't have to tell you where you put it after you last used it.

how to use it

Here you can apply a little science. Simply slip a sock over your hand as if you were wearing it like a glove. Spread your fingers and start waving the dryer in your sock-covered hand. Don't hold the dryer too close to the wet sock and don't use the air blast on the highest/hot setting. Your fingers should tell you that the sock is starting to dry out.

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Be careful with special stockings that haveintricate designs such as thin stripes, as they are made from a sophisticated meshwork of several threads. The heat can start to fray or separate these strands if the setting is too hot or the heat is applied for too long. Also note that socks containing spandex can cause small elastic threads to tear if ideal warmth is exceeded. (Spandex is used in many high-quality socks to hold their shape and give them extra stretch.) Just go super light in soft, plush, forgiving socks.

Duringsockdry, slowly pull the dry part of the hand and continue to wave the dryer onto the wet sock with fingers spread. If we forgot to mention, while you're at it, twist your hand every now and then to shoot the heat right over that wet sock, too. Once one sock is dry, repeat this process with the other wet sock. And yes, holding a wet sock sucks – but imagine how it would have felt on your poor feet! ANDNobody wants cold feetany…

The public toilet movement

In desperate situations, you can use the hand dryer in a public restroom if you don't mind looking a little awkward. Seriously, this particular sock drying method isn't for everyone, but if you're late to a big sales meeting or wedding reception and get caught in a downpour with the groomsman's socks on, this option could save your ass -- and foot. !

If you happen to meet the groom in the same sodden and miserable situation, then his own socks are all the more valuable since he's the man of the game, so to speak. Go steal two hand dryers from the men's room - done!

But before you get started, you must first know what type of hand dryer you are dealing with.

The classic high mount version

Be prepared when you realize that the hand dryer you're going to be using in that public restroom is one of those old-style models that sit almost at eye level on the wall next to the sink or vanity. We say that because these dinosaurs don't roar much. In other words, not much heat comes out and you have to keep restarting it with your elbow or free hand. This will be a tour de force of patience and agility.

Just a word of caution when drying dark and solid color socks with a bathroom dryer. These devices are often full of old dust - they're not high on the cleaning list - so be aware that using a hand dryer on a really stylish pair of dark colored socks for a special occasion can leave them a little gray or furry. Give that dryer a good old-fashioned blast before you put one on.elegant and solid socksomewhere near.

The high-tech Fast Air model

If your chosen public toilet has one of these models mounted on the wall at waist height, you've hit the jackpot. Now keep in mind that this can be a red-hot super blaster, so test it out in situ with no sock on first.

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However, these machines are usually motion-activated, allowing for greater flexibility. Not only can you dry your socks in a fraction of the time it takes you to use the other hand dryer, but this model also allows you to dry both socks at the same time, taking you to your meeting or sitting at the dining table for a full hour. . much faster. However, these mega blaster units can make light socks take off like a beautyblue and red sockBalloon... so take it easy and hold on. No man wants to wear socks - dry or not - that have rolled on the men's room floor. Do not.

how to use it

Pull the wet sock over your hand like a glove and keep your toes flexing as you twirl in the hot air. Notice that with theAlthand dryer, you need to hold the sock – with your fingers spread – as close as possible to the heat outlet of the hand dryer.

Hanging wet socks over this model doesn't work as well when hand-carrying. Expect to hang around for a while while your second sock dries while you wait your turn. As before, be careful to hold the special elastane-reinforced stockings in hot air long enough to destroy their delicate elasticity. The softer and firmer they are, the more likely they are to overheat. Store special socks, super cute socks, or socks with intricate patternscolor combinationsmove to avoid this danger.

With high-tech rapid air dryer models like the ever-popular Dyson Airblade, you simply slip a sock over each hand like gloves and dip both hands into the dryer chamber, allowing your hands to go up and down easily. You should feel the 400-mile blast of air pinch your fingers — you pulled them apart, right? Rotate your stockinged hands up and back so they receive the full force of the high pressure air being shot at them. In seconds you have dry socks.

Another note of caution; we said 400 mph. That's a reasonable speed. That's nothing for youvery best casual socks-- You don't want deformed socks to feature in a cute, soft, overly indulgent gift given to you by someone you really care about.

The old apartment radiator

This is everyone's old favorite and really needs no guidelines. This habit of drying socks on the radiator probably explains why socks end up separating - many stray "soles" are on the back of radiators and accumulate fluff!

However, if you live somewhere with an old-fashioned heater or radiator, you have an option that might be a little quicker for you than hoping for the best by air drying it or even using a heat gun. Depending on the age of the building and the type of radiator - like water or oil - you may have to wait for it to heat up unless you use it all day to stay toasty and warm indoors.

how to use it

Let's say you left your heating/radiators on for most of the night or part of the day. It will be nice and warm now. Drying wet socks is a breeze. All you do is place the socks over the heater, but don't rush to spread and shape the foot area while it's damp; this is especially true for socks with a high cotton content, as otherwise they can look bulky.

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If it's a convector heater, the air movement speeds up the process, so be careful of extra delicate socks and don't let them burn. Monitor the progress and don't leave them there for days as you will ruin the fabric. The bonus is wearing warm socks!

The other side of the coin is what do you do when the radiator is cold and you just turned the heat on? Well, that would be a good time to take a shower, make breakfast, or do some other constructive activity while you wait for the radiator to come up to temperature. Meanwhile, place your wet socks on the heater and they will dry out as it slowly heats up.

The towel method

It turns out this is a popular method used by cyclists, and with a few variations, it could become your favorite method of drying socks too; All you need is a bath towel. You can fake it with a towel or even a washcloth if you must, but the bigger and fluffier the towel, the better the results. Oh, and if you have a hair dryer, this will come in handy as the final step of the towel method.

We particularly recommend this medium for the preservation of fine fibers in superelastic orpatterned socks made of fine fabricto treat them more gently again and keep them away from excessive heat.

how to use it

The first thing you do isvery niceWring out the extra moisture or wipe the sock over the sink. As a result, they remain a third drier than at the beginning. Then place a clean towel on the floor and place both socks in the middle of the towel. Don't just tuck them away, spread them out and flatten the socks so you have more surface area to work with. Then, tightly roll up the towel with the socks inside.

Once you've created what looks like a towel rolled up like a cigar, step on it. Don't be nice here. Apply as much pressure as possible to the rolled up socks by going over the towel and pressing as hard as you can. Then unroll the towel to remove the socks. You will now be about two-thirds drier than when you started reading this section and without the application of heat. An advantage of this method is that - with a large enough towel - you can dry several pairs at the same time - even if they are special pairs, maybe if you are not at home and need to dry them to pack them in your suitcase.

The final step in this process involves the hair dryer.What ifyou think is appropriate. We only recommend this for older socks that are too light and that you really don't like as this method comes with a wear and tear warning.

Instead of slipping the socks over your hands like gloves, here you slide the opening of a sock over the opening in the dryer — where the heated air exits. Your sock should inflate easily, resemble a sock balloon, and dry completely within seconds. Repeat with the other and you have dry socks. Be very careful not to overheat the device as you don't want to burn your building - remember at least all your socks would be dry! A few seconds at a time is the way to go.

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Can I dry socks in the microwave?

Yes. That looks funny. (Note: we didn't say thatreasonable…)

Let's just think about it for a moment. Starting with the microwave - the way the microwave oven works is that it works a kind of magic on the objects inside. The magic causes molecules in things like food and drink to vibrate so quickly, creating heat that quickly cooks anything you put in the microwave inside out.

This strikes us as a great way to cook and kill your best socks. Don't do this unless you're ready for a sock burial, and most importantly don't try your best pair of cute socks that contain polyamide - which can partially melt and then stick to you - overheats so they burn can. You — When you take off the offending contraption's socks. Polyamide is a fantastic material for socks - like nylon - and it helps socks retain their shape and durability. But it's not really made for cooking, and at best you've destroyed your socks.

No sock is made from materials that are microwave safe. Of course, you could slip a wet sock over a piece of frozen meat and microwave it well. But that sounds pretty unsanitary, and since your socks aren't microwave-safe, they could catch fire, cook the meat on the outside, destroy the food, set the microwave on fire — and blow up your whole house. And at least you have dirty, bacteria-infested, sausage-infested socks.

One final note here though is that if you are lucky enough to own a dehydrator - the one used to make raisins, dried fruit etc 🇧🇷dark colour,or theme pairs. But not many people have a food dehydrator, so we didn't give it a title. If so, you are in wet sock heaven.


Wet socks happen. They really do, in the worst of times.

Luckily, the information above includes some tips on how to dry your socks if you get caught.

Wet socks are not good for your health and you may injure yourself if you slip while wearing them. In addition, they also ruin your shoes.

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We hope you try the methods listed above to see how effective each one is, and we hope you never have to use them on a regular basis. Remember not to get caught with wet socks and maybePack an extra pairwhen traveling so you don't get into this situation.

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How do you dry socks in 10 minutes? ›

Blow Dryer:

Position the blow dryer into the neck of the sock and blast with hot air. This will allow warm air to fill the inside of the sock, which will result in a quicker dry. Once the inside feels dry, dry down the outside of the sock. This should only take 10-15 minutes.

Can I microwave socks to dry them? ›

But it's not really made for cooking and at best, you've gone and destroyed your socks. No socks are made of microwavable materials.

How do you deal with wet socks? ›

After you get home, instead of throw it into laundry, just hand rinse it under running water. This is to prevent bad odor caused by staying wet and damp for a long time. After rinsing it, just lay it flat or hang it to dry. This saves you both socks and laundry.

How do you dry wet shoes and socks fast? ›

Drying your shoes in direct sunlight will cause excessive wear, so it's best to air dry your shoes in a dry and well-ventilated environment indoors. If you want to speed up the drying process, try placing your shoes near your refrigerator vent or a fan.

How do you dry a sock fast without a dryer? ›

Simply place a garment into a large fluffy bath towel and then roll it up tightly or use a twisting motion, so that the towel can absorb the access moisture from your wet clothes. Start at one end and then roll up the towel with your item of clothing inside until the towel is twisted to the maximum.

How can I dry my clothes without a dryer in 5 minutes? ›

Place your drying rack next to a radiator and tuck the top end of a bedsheet down the back of the radiator. Then place the sheet up over the top of the drying rack. This will insulate it, stopping warm air from escaping. Using a fan can also keep air flowing, which will help the water to evaporate.

How do you dry a pair of socks fast? ›

You can dry your socks quickly using a hand dryer by allowing the hot (or cold) moving air to run over them for a few minutes. The airflow, which is directed through the socks, causes moisture to evaporate, leaving your socks dry. Luckily, you can find hand dryers in almost any public area.

How long to dry socks in microwave? ›

To get started, all you need is a bowl of soapy water, and the socks in question. Once you have the essentials, dunk the socks in the soapy water, and microwave on high for 10 minutes. Then, just hang them up to dry and voila!

How long do socks take to air dry? ›

While it's hard to generalize about how long it will take your laundry to air-dry—fabric type, air temperature, and presence or absence of wind all play a part—expect it to take two to four hours for most types of fabric on a pleasantly warm day with a light breeze.

What happens if your feet stay wet for too long? ›

The longer your feet are wet, the greater the damage to your skin, including tears and the formation of blisters and deep painful cracks. Depending on where they are located on the foot, these injuries can be painful and may limit your mobility.

Can you get fungus from wet socks? ›

Athlete's foot is caused by the same type of fungi (dermatophytes) that cause ringworm and jock itch. Damp socks and shoes and warm, humid conditions favor the organisms' growth.

How do you treat wet feet all day? ›

Thoroughly clean and dry your feet. Put on clean, dry socks daily. Treat the affected part by applying warm packs or soaking in warm water (102° to 110° F) for approximately 5 minutes. When sleeping or resting, do not wear socks.

How do you dry wet shoes in 5 minutes? ›

How to Dry Shoes Quickly – Tips and Tricks
  1. Use newspaper to dry shoes. Chances are you've seen this done before. ...
  2. Dry shoes using a fan. If you're looking to dry your wet shoes quickly, a fan will be the better option. ...
  3. Get a shoe dryer. ...
  4. Use uncooked rice to dry shoes and eliminate odor. ...
  5. Dry shoes using the fridge.

What is the fastest way to air dry wet clothes? ›

As we have mentioned earlier, the best and the most common way on how to dry clothes quickly is by hanging the clothes in a drying rack and putting your clothes under the sun to let them dry. Use the hangers and pegs to hang your clothes in a drying rack and let the sun do its job.

What is the fastest way to dry socks? ›

Lay a thin towel over your wet socks on the ironing board and simply press it using high heat. Turn the socks over and press again to get both sides. If you have no iron, look for other sources of heat such as a radiator to hang your socks near or a blowdryer to blast them with heat.

How do you dry clothes in 15 minutes? ›

Throw a dry bath towel in with the garments you need dried quickly. The towel will absorb some of the moisture, making your items dry faster. Remember to take out the towel after around 5 minutes, if you are drying just a few items, or 15 minutes for a full load.

How long does it take for wet socks to dry? ›

You simply put your socks on a radiator or boiler and turn them after 30 minutes to allow the entire sock to get the hot air. Your socks should be dry in an hour, and you can put them on and carry on with your day.


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